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Parental Access

Need some assistance with your payments? Set up a parent for easy access to your student account.

Did you know that you can set up a parent/authorized user to make payments on your student account? While viewing your account through self-services, click on the credit card payment link at the bottom of the page. You can make a payment on your account, view past web payments, set up a parent/authorized user, and save payment information to make it easier to pay the next time. You also have the option of paying with an e-check. Everything is secure and compliant with federal regulations.

Authorized users you select will only see your current balance, which may be split into multiple terms if you have a balance for more than one term. They cannot see any detail information on your account, any of your saved payment information types, or have access to anything through self-services. Also, you cannot see any saved payment information that they set up. When you grant access, they are e-mailed the login name that you assigned and a temporary password that the system assigns. If their password needs to be reset at any time, you need to do this by editing their account (you will see an edit link after you make the user active).