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Tuition & Fees Schedule

Tuition Per Semester Hour

Rates specified are for the Fall 2013 and Spring 2014 semester.

In-State Undergraduate Tuition $311.00
Out-of-State Undergraduate Tuition $634.00


In-State Graduate Tuition $339.00
Out-of-State Graduate Tuition $691.00

Fee Schedule

Fees listed are for the Fall 2013 semester.

Student Activity Fee (required of all students) $60.00
Health Services (required of all students) $90.00
Facilities Usage (required of all students) $35.00 + $5.00 per credit hour
Administrative Services Processing Fee (required of all students) $20.00
Green Fee $5.00
Technology Fee $50.00
Online Course Fee (per course) $75.00
Partial Payment Plan Fee paid to e-Cashier® $40.00

Room rates per semester

Rates are for Fall 2013 semester.

Main, Napier, Hanson, and Tutwiler (Board required)

Double Occupancy $1,870.00
Single Occupancy
(Main, Hanson, Tutwiler)
Double Occupancy (Private) $3,151.00


Brooke and Lund (Board required)

Double Occupancy $2,185.00
Double Occupancy (Private) $3,670.00


Peck (Board required for freshmen, optional for others)

Triple Occupancy $1,690.00
Double Occupancy $2,370.00
Private Occupancy $4,225.00


New Residence Hall (Board required for Freshmen, optional for others)

New Residence $3,170.00

Board Per Semester

Required of on-campus residents as indicated above. (Choose one.)

5-meal plan/week + 350 flex points $1,161.00
10-meal plan/week +200 flex points $1,161.00
15-meal plan/week + 150 flex points $1,161.00
19-meal plan/week +100 flex points $1,161.00

Commuter Meal Plan (per semester)

Required of all full-time, first-time freshmen beginning with Fall 2013. Charge will be billed to student account.

100 flex points $100.00


Additional flex points may be purchased through Chartwells.

Optional Commuter Plans

Available for students not required to have the above Commuter Meal Plan.

75 meals + 100 flex points $499.00
50 meals + 75 flex points $360.00
25 meals + 50 flex points $200.00


  • 1 flex point = $1.00 to be used in any retail dining service located on the UM campus.
  • Receive 10% in Bonus Dollars for flex point purchases of $50.00 or more (ex: purchase $100.00 in points and $110.00 will be added to your card).
  • Flex points added to your card are good as long as you are enrolled at UM.

Additional commuter plans may be purchased through Chartwells.



Other Fees

Fees are for Fall 2013 semester.

Music – Private Lesson – per credit hour $65.00
Music – Class Lesson – per credit hour $50.00
Audit (per credit hour) $25.00
Parking Decal $35.00
Freshman Orientation Fee (one time) $85.00
Late Payment
(assessed if payment is not received by payment deadline day)