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Theatre Majors

Auditions will be held for Theatre scholarships for all non-musical theatre students on February 20, 2016, beginning at noon in Reynolds Theatre. Auditions for the BFA Musical Theatre degree program only will be held on February 27, 2016, beginning at 10:00 am in Reynolds Theatre. You will also be considered for any available scholarships throughout this audition.

*NOTE: if you are interested in the musical theatre program and cannot attend the campus audition on 2/27/15, please contact Department Chair David Callaghan via e-mail at Although we prefer that students audition on campus, we will accept taped auditions and will arrange a phone interview with representative theatre faculty.

Students must audition for the Musical Theatre Program on campus or via a taped audition to be enrolled in voice lessons in Fall 2016. All students accepted into the musical theatre program for Fall 2016 will have to formally pass a screening audition during the sophomore year to continue on the BFA track and receive that degree. Please note: UM also offers the general B.A. and B.S. Theatre degrees as well as BFA degrees with an emphasis in Acting, Directing and Design/Technology with Costume, Scenic and Lighting and Stage Management concentrations.

All applicants for scholarships and/or the Musical Theatre program will be notified of awards and/or acceptance by the end of March. University of Montevallo Theatre awards undergraduate scholarships funded through gifts to established scholarship accounts and through income generated by productions.

These awards are separate from other financial aid available through the University Financial Aid office. An applicant can receive theatre AND university scholarship awards and contact the UM Admissions Office with any questions at (205) 665-6030. An average of eight scholarships are awarded each year to students based on talent and potential as well as academic achievement.” Additionally, the dates/times on the “Scholarships & Musical Theatre Program Auditions” form found under “Select Audition Date” at this link: need to be corrected to match. The dates/times should be February 20 at 12:00 p.m and February 27 at 10:00 am.


  • Scholarship Auditions/Interviews

    • Actors should prepare monologue material of a character their approximate age (with no accents or dialects) totaling approximately 90 seconds.
    • Auditions will be followed by a short interview with the full-time theatre faculty in attendance.
    •  Technical theatre students should bring a résumé and portfolio of their work demonstrating designs (if any), carpentry, sewing, lighting, make-up and other related skills. Renderings, samples of drafting, and photographs of realized work should be included in the portfolio if available.

    Applications for scholarships including letters of recommendation must arrive no later than the day of the audition.

    If you intend to bring your application with you, please call ahead so we can make necessary arrangements. Late applications are awarded aid as resources allow.

    Theatre Scholarship Application Redirect

  • Musical Theatre Program Auditions

    • Prepare monologue material of a character your approximate age (with no accents or dialects) totaling approximately 90 seconds.
    • Prepare two contrasting 32 bar selections from the musical theatre repertory; up-tempo and ballad cuts are preferred. An accompaniment will be provided.
    • Auditions will be followed by a short interview with the full-time theatre faculty in attendance.
    • Each student will be assigned an individual time to sing and perform their monologue followed by a short interview with the full-time theatre faculty in attendance. All musical theatre students will do a group dance audition either before or after their individual audition.  You will have time to change, and please bring jazz or character shoes if at all possible. The audition will consist of learning a short dance combination and an assessment of fundamental ballet technique.

    PLEASE NOTE: All auditions are conducted individually in the theatre except for the group dance audition. We will contact you closer to your audition day to confirm your individual appointment time for scholarship and/or musical theatre program auditions.

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