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Student Consumer Information

The following is a summary of the “Student Consumer Information” that is available to students and in some instances, their parents. Each item indicates how you may obtain a full disclosure.

  • Rights Under Family Education Rights and Privacy Act

    Students have the right to review, inspect, and challenge the accuracy of the information kept in a cumulative file by the institution, unless the student waives that right.  Students have the right to a hearing, if a challenge is unsatisfactory, and have the right to submit an explanatory statement for inclusion in the educational record, if the outcome of a hearing is unsatisfactory.  Students have the right to consent to the disclosure of personally identifiable information contained in the student’s record and to file a complaint with the Department of Education for alleged failure to comply with the requirements. Contact the Registrar’s Office for a full disclosure.

  • Federal Stafford Loan/Direct Loan Deferments for Peace Corps or Volunteer Service

    Students who have borrowed under one of the above federal loan programs may be eligible for a deferment of payments while performing service in the Peace Corps, an organization covered under the Domestic Volunteer Service Act of 1973, a comparable volunteer service, or a tax exempt organization of demonstrated effectiveness in the field of community service.  Contact your lender for more information.

  • Available Financial Assistance

    There is a variety of need-based and non-need based financial assistance available for federal, state, private and institutional sources.  Information concerning the application, procedures, eligibility requirements, selection criteria and the criteria for determining the award amount are available.  The rights and responsibilities of students receiving federal or other financial aid including continued eligibility, satisfactory academic progress, methods and frequency of disbursements and the terms of any employment awarded as part of any award are available.  In addition, students have the right to the general terms and conditions of any student loan, sample repayment schedules and exit counseling information for Federal Stafford Loan, Direct Loan or Perkins Loan borrowers. Much of this information may be found at Students enrolled in a Study Abroad Program for approved credit may be considered enrolled in the University for the purpose of applying for federal assistance.  For additional information contact the Director of Student Financial Services.

  • Institutional Information

    For information concerning cost, refund policies, and requirements for the return of Title IV grants or loan assistance by withdrawn students, contact the Office of Student Financial Services.

    • For information concerning the requirements for officially withdrawing from school, contact the Registrar’s Office.
    • For information concerning special services and facilities for disabled students, contact Student Support Services.
    • For information concerning the University’s academic programs, accreditation, license or approval documentation, contact the Office of the Provost.
  • Campus Security Report

     Statistics for the three most recent calendar years concerning the occurrence of various crimes on campus, in or on non-campus buildings and public property.  Statistical crime data includes data on murder, manslaughter, sex offenses, robbery, assault, burglary, motor vehicle theft, arson, liquor or drug law violations.  Information regarding procedures to report a crime, policies regarding security and access to campus facilities and policies concerning campus law enforcement.  Public safety information is available in their website or in print, upon request.   For a full report contact the University Police.

  • Report on Athletic Program Participation Rates and Financial Support Data

    This report contains information on the number of male and female full-time undergraduates, the varsity teams that compete in intercollegiate-athletics, the number of participants in each sport, the gender of the coaches, total operational expense for each team, and the total spent on athletically-related student aid for men and women.  Information is also available concerning the unduplicated number of athletes by gender and the total aggregate total recruiting expenses for men and women teams. For a full disclosure contact the Director of Athletics.

  • Report on Completion, Graduation Rates and Transfer-Out Rates for Student Athletics

    This report lists the number of students by race and gender within each sport, their graduation rate and their transfer-out rate.  For a full disclosure contact the Director of Athletics.

  • Completion/Graduation Rate

    This report provides the graduation rate for full-time undergraduate students who graduated within 150% of the normal time for graduation.  For a full disclosure contact Institutional Research