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Maintaining Federal Aid

  • Consequences of Withdrawal

    If a student is receiving any type of federal financial aid and withdraws from the University of Montevallo, either officially or unofficially, the student should be aware that he/she may be required to repay some or all of the federal funds received.

    The U.S. Department of Education has determined that students earn a percentage of the federal financial aid awarded based on the percentage of the term that he or she attended classes. Students who attend beyond the 60 percent point of the term are considered to have earned 100 percent of their federal financial aid.

    Federal regulations require institutions to monitor unofficial withdrawals when a student “drops out” without officially withdrawing. When a student fails all courses attempted, the University must determine if the student actually attended class and earned the grade or if the student stopped attending. A last date of attendance is submitted by faculty in order to determine whether or not a student completed the course. Students who unofficially withdraw are notified, and a portion or all of the federal aid is returned to the federal program(s).

    Students are strongly advised to officially withdraw rather than “drop out” of school if attendance must cease due to unforeseen circumstances. To officially withdraw, undergraduate students must contact the Registrar’s Office. Graduate students contact Graduate Admissions & Records.

    In addition, withdrawing from the University affects the Satisfactory Academic Progress standard and may affect the future receipt of federal aid.

    Prior to withdrawing or otherwise ceasing to attend classes, students should contact the Office of Student Financial Services to determine the potential impact of the withdrawal.

  • Satisfactory Academic Progress

    In order to receive federal financial aid (Title IV), a student must be making Satisfactory Academic Progress. In the evaluation process, all grades of W (Withdrawn), I (Incomplete), IP (In Progress), and dropped courses after the drop/add period will be counted as hours attempted but not passed.  Repeated courses will count as hours attempted.

    NOTE REGARDING REPEATED COURSES – A student may receive federal aid for repeating a passed course only one time.

    Historical Evaluation – Determination of eligibility will be based on a historical evaluation of all hours attempted (UM and transfer hours) as well as the student’s UM grade point average.

    Transfer Hours – All hours accepted for transfer credit by the University will be considered as part of the time frame and determination of grade level.

    Qualitative – Undergraduates

    The following minimum standard must be met:

    Credit hours completed               Minimum GPA

    0-29                                            1.50

    30-59                                          1.70

    60-89                                          1.90

    90 +                                            2.00

    Several scholarships require a higher minimum GPA than those required for satisfactory progress.

    Graduate students must maintain the required GPA for the program of study.

    Students who are suspended from the University for academic reasons are not considered to be making Satisfactory Academic Progress.

    Quantitative – Students must average passing 67% of all hours attempted overall.

    Time frame – Students may receive aid up to 150% of the number of credit hours required for completion of the degree.

    Appeals Procedure – Students may appeal to the Office of Student Financial Services for an exception to be made based upon mitigating circumstances. Such appeals must be submitted on the appeal form.  Include such documentation as appropriate to support the claim of mitigating circumstances. If it is not mathematically possible to regain eligibility in one semester, students must meet with their dean or advisor to prepare and submit an academic plan. Decisions regarding the appeal will be made by designated staff in the Office of Student Financial Services. Students will be notified of the decision through forUM email.