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Financial Aid

Once you’ve been admitted to the University of Montevallo, the next step is figuring out what options you have for paying for your education.

Whether you’re trying to discover if you’re eligible for grant money, searching for a work-study position, or interested in taking out student loans, you can fill out your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and determine what your financial aid package will look like. No matter what economic background you come from, there’s always an opportunity to get financial assistance while pursuing a college education here at UM.

Our goal is to assist students and their families in financing the cost associated with attending the University of Montevallo. The staff in our Student Financial Services office are here to make your education at UM as affordable as possible.

The Student Financial Services team has compiled detailed information and guidelines throughout the following webpages. Please take time to carefully read all the information provided. This information will serve as a guide to help you navigate through the process of applying and receiving aid from various sources.

Important Accessibility Information

Individuals unable to physically access the Office of Student Financial Services on the second floor of Palmer Hall may go to the Admissions Office on the first floor and request assistance. A staff member from the Office of Student Financial Services will promptly assist you.

  • Opportunity to Charge Books on Your Student Account!

    The University of Montevallo offers students the opportunity to purchase books and supplies at the Barnes & Noble campus bookstore using their authorized/pending financial aid.  Carefully read the following information.

    To apply for financial aid for summer term (May Term, Summer I and/or Summer II) students must file the 2013-14 Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) if it has not already been filed.  Students need to make certain every outstanding requirement is met in order to receive an award notification.

    There is a separate application for summer that is available in Student Financial Services and on the internal website under downloadable forms ( June 16 is the deadline for applying for aid for summer!  Please note that the majority of students who were full time in the fall and spring semesters have received the maximum funds available and will have no remaining eligibility for summer.  Read the summer application carefully for more information!

    Students that have been awarded, accepted the aid that was offered for summer and completed all outstanding requirements will have authorized/pending aid that can be viewed on Banner Self Service (BSS).  Charges for tuition, fees, room and board will also be on BSS as charges are placed on each account.

    If a student’s authorized/pending aid is greater than the charges, there will be an estimated credit balance.

Students with an estimated credit balance will be eligible to purchase books and supplies at the campus bookstore during the following times: 

May Term: April 14 – May 6;

Summer I: May 19 – May 29;

Summer II: June 16 – July 2

The amount allowed will be capped at the amount of the estimated credit balance not to exceed $1,000.

  • Financial aid will be applied to student accounts based on the schedule below. Please do not confuse this with the Direct Deposit from the Cashier’s Office that is deposited in your personal bank account at the appropriate time.

    Keep in mind there will be one disbursement for the entire summer!  Note that when books are charged to your account, this will reduce the authorized/pending credit balance.  Since aid will credit only one time for the summer, it is critical for you to budget wisely!

    Term Disbursement
    May May 9
    May & Summer I May 9
    May, Summer I & II May 9
    May, Summer II May 9
    Summer I June 3
    Summer I & II June 3
    Summer II July 8


    Students reported as not attending will be dropped from classes and will not receive a refund.

    Loans will not be reflected as authorized/pending until all requirements have been completed.

    Please note that Student Financial Services awards aid, and the Cashier’s Office issues refunds when appropriate.