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Graduates in the Spotlight


Resia and Lewis Brooks

Sometimes couples share more than just a passion for hobbies, entertainment, or recreation—they share a lifelong passion for learning like that of Drs. Resia and Lewis Brooks. As a professional husband and wife duo steeped in a rich history of educational administration, the Brooks have earned multiple degrees from the University of Montevallo, particularly through the M.Ed. and Ed.S. programs in Instructional Leadership.

Resia, who now boasts over thirteen years of experience in the field of education, currently serves as the Principal of Chelsea Intermediate School where one of her leading goals is to promote student achievement across the curriculum. Additionally, Reisa has been actively involved as a regional partner with the ARI (Alabama Reading Initiative), a statewide program to improve reading instruction for all public school students and eventually reach the goal of 100% literacy. It is amazing to see how Reisa’s passion as an undergraduate has grown into such an expansive enterprise over the years thanks to her experiences at UM that afforded her both “a plethora of knowledge relative to real life strategies” and an inside approach to “techniques from professors with extensive experiences in instructional leadership.” Reisa also stated that the program, which she felt successfully combined “educational theory” and “practical application,” inspired her less with a sense of academic completion and more with “an eagerness to pursue and later earn a Doctor of Philosophy degree.”

Lewis, who has also spent more than a decade of leadership in teaching, acts as the Middle School Coordinator of Instruction for the Shelby County School System. If directing teachers is second nature to Lewis’s position, which began in 2009, the added benefit is his ability to positively direct the lives of the middle school students by teaching them about the future impact of their early life choices. While Lewis has found the greatest satisfaction in his current role as educational coordinator and advocate, he traces his current success back to the engaging preparation he received while in the Instructional Leadership Program at UM, an event he considers “the foundation for [his] daily practice as a district level school leader.” Looking back on his experience, Lewis cites his growth as the combination of “insight into current instructional leadership theory” and also exposure “to some of the most outstanding practitioners in the field of education,” proving how the personable interactions with faculty are a unique facet of the liberal arts education that UM promotes.

The Brooks agree that the benefit of sharing their professional goals as spouses is as limitless as it is fruitful: “We have opportunities to share new ideas and to challenge one another to better serve our school district and the community at large. We both feel that our work in education is a ministry of service.”

Both Resia and Lewis continue to provide their excellent educational services to Shelby County.