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University Teaching Fellows

Each year T&L grants are awarded to support projects likely to promote more effective teaching and learning on campus. Successful proposals carry awards up to $2,000. T&L grant recipients are expected to share discoveries with their colleagues through planned dissemination activities, to participate in the Fall T&L Forum, and to model engaged teaching in the spirit of Chaucer’s clerk: “And gladly would he learn, and gladly teach.”

2013-14 T&L grant recipients:

  • Stephanie Batkie (English), An Online Supplement for Teaching with Middle English
  • Alex Beringer (English), The Language of Comics: A Collaborative Museum Exhibit
  • Linda Murdock (CSD), Podcasts for the Millennial Learner
  • Jennifer Alexiou Ray, JiJi Lawley, Cassie Raulston, Glee Whitsett, and Elizabeth Thrower (Education), Flipping Classrooms to Increase Student Engagement

Proposals reviewed by the Faculty Development Advisory Committee (FDAC) and endorsed by the Provost and VPAA.