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Welcome From The Director

Greetings and welcome to the FD&C website.

Faculty are encouraged to explore the opportunities for professional development described in this website.

Those new to UM may be interested to know that we are a faculty of around 150 full-time members representing four colleges — Arts and Sciences, Business, Education, and Fine Arts. Because UM is a liberal arts school with a strong emphasis on undergraduate teaching, we tend to attract faculty with diverse interests and a desire to collaborate across fields and disciplines. FD&C works to create activities that bring faculty together to share, swap disciplinary perspectives, and spark the new ways of thinking that keep us renewed as a faculty.

In keeping with the spirit of collaboration, FD&C works with other areas of the campus to support teaching and research. FD&C in partnership with the Malone Center for Creative Teaching, Learning, & Technology offers a series of hands-on Teaching with Technology workshops taught by and for teachers. The Malone Center also assists individual faculty or teams of faculty seeking to experiment with technology-enhanced instruction. Carmichael Library provides research assistance and support for experimental use of new technology-enabled tools. The Quality Enhancement Program (QEP) offers ILlUMinate grants to encourage innovative integration of information literacy activities in classes.

The intensive student-centered teaching that is at the heart of liberal arts education is immensely rewarding but comes at a cost. Faculty may find themselves at risk of burn-out if they are not able to renew their capacity for curiosity and desire to learn. FD&C encourages faculty to take advantage of university-sponsored leaves and grants that will help them stay connected with the sources of their scholarly and creative energies.

The FD&C website is intended to be a clearinghouse for funding and collaborative opportunities on campus. Please let me hear from you if you have any questions or suggestions.

Kathy King