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Academic Assistance

At the University of Montevallo, we are dedicated to providing support for students in developing the skills and strategies needed to achieve their academic goals. Our highly qualified, engaged faculty and staff, along with a variety of specialized services, demonstrate our commitment to student success. In addition to the resources described here, many academic departments offer tutoring services.

  • Learning Enrichment Center

    The Learning Enrichment Center (LEC) provides assistance to students in identifying their academic needs and in strengthening their academic skills. The LEC staff also offers guidance for students as they begin to navigate their way through their college experience, leading them to the most helpful resources on campus.

    Services provided through the LEC include the following:

    • Individual Tutoring: These sessions provide you with the opportunity to meet one-on-one with a peer tutor to assist you with your academic concerns. Tutors at the LEC are well-versed and can help students in a number of different courses. Individual tutoring can be set up by appointment, according to tutor availability, and can be arranged to take place on a weekly basis.

    • Small Group Tutoring: These sessions are available by appointment and can also be arranged to take place on a weekly basis.

    • Facilitated Group Study: Want to study with a group, but don’t know how to start one? We will help you form a study group and provide a peer tutor to assist your group.

    • Assessment of Academic Needs: Do you find yourself struggling in your courses, but don’t know why? The LEC can provide an assessment of your needs to determine the type of assistance that will best suit you.

    Carmichael Library, Lower Level
    Randi Tubbs, Director
    (205) 665-6113

  • Harbert Writing Center

    The Harbert Writing Center (HWC) offers free consultation services to students at all stages of the writing process. Our HWC writing consultants assist students with writing projects across the curriculum. “Walk-ins” are welcome to visit the Center in Comer Hall Room 311 during posted hours.

    Comer Hall, Room 311
    Glenda Conway, Coordinator
    (205) 665-6438

  • ASPIRE/Student Support Services

    ASPIRE/Student Support Services is a program sponsored by the University of Montevallo and funded by the U.S. Department of Education. ASPIRE offers a variety of academic and personal support services that enhance students’ chances for success in college. Students may receive assistance from the ASPIRE program through tutoring, study-skills classes, academic counseling, career exploration, course advisement and registration, computer lab access, computer-assisted instruction, and cultural and social enrichment activities. To be eligible, applicants must be U.S. citizens or Permanent Residents and must be currently enrolled, or accepted for enrollment, at the University of Montevallo. Additional criteria for participation in the ASPIRE program require applicants to:

    • Have a limited family taxable income (as determined by the U.S. Department of Education);

    • Be potentially the first in your family to complete a baccalaureate (4-year) degree; or

    • Have a documented disability.

    The ASPIRE program is funded to serve 200 eligible students. Due to federal guidelines, priority must be given to:

    • Students who are both income eligible and first generation college students;

    • Students who are both disabled and income eligible; and

    • Alumni of other TRiO programs (including but not limited to Upward Bound and Talent Search)

    ASPIRE seeks highly motivated students with educational histories that reflect a need for academic support, and who want to make full use of the ASPIRE program to help reach their goal of becoming a successful college graduate.

    Main Central, Lower Level
    R. Denise Myers, Director
    (205) 665-6094

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  • Disability Support Services

    Disability Support Services (DSS) coordinates access and services for qualified students. Services may include, but are not limited to, classroom and testing accommodations, alternate format texts, access to adaptive software/equipment, advising, and temporary/permanent accessible parking permits. The staff provides external referrals as needed, such as for testing/evaluation professionals or the Department of Rehabilitation Services. DSS also serves as a resource to faculty and staff, providing in-service and assistance in implementing student accommodations.

    Disability Support Services

    Main Central, Lower Level
    Deborah McCune, Director
    (205) 665-6250

  • Speech and Hearing Services

    The Speech and Hearing Center of the Department of Communication Science and Disorders provides assistance to students enrolled in the University, as well as the general public, who have problems with hearing, language, or speech. Any student may arrange for a hearing test by contacting the Speech and Hearing Center and requesting an appointment for an evaluation. Evaluations of speech problems—voice, rhythm, articulation, and language—are provided at no charge. Needed therapeutic services are also provided at no cost to the student.

    Wallace Speech and Hearing Center
    Kandis Chatman, Staff Clinical Director
    (205) 665-6720

  • McNair Scholars Program

    The McNair Scholars Program is designed to assist qualified undergraduate students in successfully completing the baccalaureate degree and entering graduate school. The McNair Program is funded through a grant from the U.S. Department of Education. The ultimate goal of the program is to assist students in earning the doctorate. Services provided to participants include graduate admissions assistance; graduate school and professional site visits; academic, professional, and personal development classes; admissions examination preparation; cultural enrichment opportunities; and an array of other services to assist students. The highlight of the program is a summer research opportunity where scholars are paired with faculty mentors to conduct scholarly research. Tuition, room, board, supplies, and a stipend are provided for the students during the research internship. The purpose is to prepare scholars for research they will encounter in graduate school. Students are encouraged to visit the McNair office during their sophomore year to inquire about eligibility criteria.

    Farmer Hall, 2nd floor
    Roberta Leichnitz, Director
    (205) 665-6570