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Classroom Accommodation Request

  1. Student meets with Disability Support Services (DSS) staff to self-identify, provide appropriate documentation of disability, request accommodation, and, if appropriate, complete the Request for Accommodation Letters Form. DSS staff will review documentation and request, consult with faculty when necessary, and make recommendations.
    1. If student agrees with DSS recommendations for accommodation, then accommodation letters will be prepared. (See 2.)
    2. If student disagrees with DSS recommendations for accommodations, then the student may appeal the decision using the Student Disability Grievance Procedure.
  2. Student picks up accommodation letters from DSS office and then meets with faculty.  The student and faculty discuss the accommodations and if they agree upon the accommodation(s), the letter is signed.  One copy is kept by the faculty and the other copy is returned to DSS.
  3. If the faculty and student cannot agree upon the accommodation (s), the student notifies DSS.  (Faculty are also encouraged to contact DSS.)  DSS and faculty will review the accommodation recommendations, the impact on essential functions of the course, and seek an acceptable agreement with the student.
  4. If DSS, faculty and student cannot reach agreement, then the request is forwarded to Chair and/or Dean for review. Chair/Dean will review request and talk with involved parties as necessary.
  5. If no resolution, request will be forwarded to VPAA, who may review request, supporting documentation, and, if necessary, meet with all involved parties.
  6. VPAA makes decision, and notifies all parties in writing.
  7. Student may appeal the decision of the VPAA using the Student Disability Grievance Procedure.