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Enrollment and Student Affairs

The University of Montevallo is a special place that values all members of its community, particularly current and potential students. Here you will find the information you are searching for as it relates to student services, enrollment and campus life.

Offices in Enrollment & Student Affairs

Enrollment & Student Affairs is comprised of a number of offices that work to help ensure that each student reaches his or her unique potential.

  • Office of the Vice President for Enrollment & Student Affairs/Dean of Students

    Main Hall, Station 6020

    Dr. Tammi Dahle
    Vice President for Enrollment & Student Affairs/Dean of Students
    (205) 665-6020

    Michelle Crandall
    Assistant to the Vice President for Enrollment & Student Affairs/Dean of Students
    (205) 665-6020

  • Counseling Services

    We are here to help you navigate the challenges of college life. Our services are free, confidential and available to all currently enrolled students, faculty and staff.

    Our services include:

    • Individual counseling – Meet with a counselor one-on-one to learn how to deal with life’s challenges.
    • Group counseling – Groups provide a time for students to meet with others in similar situations.

    For more information about our services or to schedule an appointment with a counselor, call 665.6245 or stop by the lower level of Main Hall.

    Main Hall, Lower Level
    Josh Miller, Director
    (205) 665-6245

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  • Career Development Center

    The Career Development Center (CDC) offers a variety of resources to help you prepare for the career of your dreams. Our services are available to all currently enrolled degree-seeking students, faculty, staff, and alumni.

    • Choosing a major – Our staff can help you find a major that fits your interests and abilities.
    • Assessment tools – We offer a variety of assessments to help you discover your career passion.
    • Job postings – The CDC provides current part-time and full-time job leads. Click here to view those current job openings.
    • Job search – We will work with you to help design a résumé and create a cover letter that shows what you can do. We also provide opportunities to participate in mock interviews.
    • Alumni Mentoring Program – The University of Montevallo Alumni Mentoring Program seeks to foster meaningful and productive one-on-one relationships between students and professional mentors.

    Farmer Hall, Top Level
    Angie Kelly, Director
    (205) 665-6262

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  • Disability Support Services

    The mission of Disability Support Services (DSS) is to ensure that all University programs, services, and activities are accessible to students with disabilities. DSS works with faculty and staff to coordinate appropriate accommodations and services for eligible students. The DSS office is located in the rear, lower level of Main Hall with the ASPIRE/Student Support Services office. Students with disabilities are encouraged to contact the DSS Director early to discuss needed accommodations.

    Main Hall, Rear, Lower Level
    Deborah Braswell
    (205) 665-6250

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  • Housing and Residence Life

    The University of Montevallo houses students in nine distinctive residence halls. The wide variety offered to residents ranges from traditional style residence halls with community baths, to halls offering rooms with private baths, to a hall with efficiency apartments. The residence halls provide a comfortable living environment conveniently located adjacent to classrooms, the library, food services, recreational facilities, and administrative offices.

    UM’s nine residence halls offer students an opportunity to share a spirit of community designed to enrich many aspects of the collegiate experience. The dividends of residence life at UM are many. Being a part of a community of scholars is exciting, and living with others who share your interests and experiences is fun! Research shows that living on campus during the freshman year is a very positive factor in a student’s success, and at Montevallo, helping all students achieve their collegiate goals is a priority.

    Main Hall, West Wing
    John Denson, Director
    (205) 665-6235

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  • Public Safety

    The University of Montevallo Police Department is responsible for maintaining campus security and providing a safe environment for campus life. Our goal is to support everyone in their educational pursuit by maintaining a safe community that is conducive to the spirit of learning.


    We provide the University with a full service Public Safety Agency that is open twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. We encourage prompt reporting of all crimes and suspicious activity to the Campus Police to assist us in providing the best possible service. The Police Department strives to provide personal service to students to help ensure their safety on campus.


    Working as a team in our community can only enhance the quality of life on our campus. Please feel free to contact any member of the UM Police Department with questions on services we provide.

    Police Department
    Chadd M. Adams, Chief of Police


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  • Student Aid

    The Mission of the Student Aid Office is to enable qualified students needing financial assistance to attend the University by delivering institutional, federal, state and private financial assistance to students in an efficient, equitable, courteous, private and timely manner. The office is responsible for the administrative oversight and safeguarding of financial aid resources.


    Palmer Hall, Upper Level
    Bob Walker, Director

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  • Student Success

    The Office of Student Success is “first-aid” for your college career, promoting academic, personal, financial and professional growth within and beyond the classroom. We offer individualized student success plans, academic counseling, financial help, and at-risk group advocacy.


  • Undergraduate Admissions

    High school was an exciting time, but with long days of learning and a wide course load, there probably weren’t many opportunities to spread your wings and truly pursue your passions and career goals. In other words, your journey into young adulthood is just beginning, and it’s time to decide what you want to do. At the University of Montevallo, we can help with that. If you want to develop a broad base of wisdom while still focusing on your passions and talents. If you want to expand your education beyond the boundaries of the classroom. If you want to learn from instructors who will quickly become friends and mentors. If you want to earn a degree that’s practical and prestigious, valuable and challenging. If college is more than just “the next step” in your life. Then you’ve come to the right place. Welcome to Unconventional Wisdom.

    Palmer Hall, Lower Level
    Audrey Crawford, Director

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  • Student Health Services

    Student Health Services provides direct basic health care to students not requiring a physician’s attention and serves as a referral source for students needing care beyond that available on campus. The staff seeks to increase health awareness at each contact with students and faculty.

    Health services are available to all students. All students are required to pay the health fee each semester. Expenses incurred for care beyond that provided by the University are the responsibility of the student. Information about student medical insurance is available in the Health Center.

    Office Hours – 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. Monday – Friday (last patient seen at 4 p.m.)

    Main Hall, East Wing
    Kim Moon, Director
    (205) 665-6275

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  • Student Life

    Our office is located on the top floor of Farmer Hall, which is the central hub for student activity. If you need information about Greek Life, Intramurals, SGA, UPC, and/or any other student organization on campus, we’re here to help!

    Farmer Hall, Top Floor
    Jenny Bell, Director
    (205) 665-6565

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  • Student Conduct

    The University of Montevallo strives to maintain an educational community that fosters the development of students who are ethical, civil and responsible persons. Students of the University are expected to conduct themselves in a manner consistent with the University’s function as an institution of higher education. As a community of learners and scholars, all are expected to maintain conduct that assures orderly pursuit of educational objectives, positive regard for the rights of others, and a safe environment. The Code of Student Conduct and other policies, rules, and regulations outline the standard of behavior expected while students attend the University of Montevallo. It is the responsibility of the student to know the rules and regulations contained within the Code of Conduct, which can be found in the student handbook, The Fledgling.

    Main Hall, Lower Level
    Karen Willingham, Student Conduct Officer & Deputy Title IX Coordinator
    (205) 665-6020  

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University of Montevallo Veterans Affairs

Coordinator of Veterans Affairs

  • Veterans Educational Assistance Programs Veterans

    All degree programs at the University of Montevallo are currently approved by the State Approving Agency. The Coordinator of Veterans Affairs serves as a liaison for veterans and their dependents, assisting in obtaining benefits from the Federal Department of Veterans Affairs.

    Amanda Tinney Fox
    Coordinator of Veterans Affairs
    (205) 665-6040

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