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University of Montevallo Reclassification for Tuition Purposes

  • Non-Resident Tuition Policy

    All students who are registered at the University of Montevallo and who move to the State of Alabama for the sole purpose of attending school will be considered a “non-resident student” for tuition purposes. Initial determination of student resident status is made at the Admissions Office for undergraduates and Graduate Admissions and Records for graduate students. A student’s status will remain unchanged throughout their education at the University of Montevallo unless compelling and satisfactory evidence is provided to the Registrar’s Office. Documentation must be at least one year (12 months) in age in order to be considered.

    Students wishing to apply for residency should discuss the process with the Registrar. The Registrar’s Office is located on the second floor of Palmer Hall.

  • Definitions:

    A “resident student” is one who, at a minimum, meets the following criteria:

    • has an intention to remain in the State of Alabama indefinitely;
    • has a specific permanent physical address or location within the State of Alabama;
    • possesses more substantial connections with the State of Alabama than with any other state and is not in Alabama for the sole purpose of obtaining an education;
    • is not a minor; however, a student who is  a minor at the time of registration may obtain reclassification based on the evidence provided by the supporting parent.

    A “minor” is an individual who, due to age, lacks the capacity under Alabama law to enter into a contract. This means an individual under the age of 19 and a married individual under the age of 18. The earliest a student who is a non-minor can make an application for reclassification is 12 months after their 19th birthday, hence their 20th birthday.

    A “supporting person” is either or both of the parents of the student if the parents are living together, or if the parents are divorced or living separately, then either the parent having legal custody or, if different, the parent providing the greater amount of financial support.

  • How do non-resident students qualify for in-state residency?

    Students will be considered residents of Alabama if they are a dependent of their supporting person and/or:

    • are full time employees of the University of Montevallo or the spouse of an employee;
    • can verify full-time permanent employment within the State of Alabama, or the spouse of an employee, and will commence employment within 90 days of registration at the University of Montevallo;
    • are members or are a spouse or dependent of a member of the United States military on full-time active duty stationed in Alabama or with official home of record declared as Alabama;
    • accredited members, or spouse thereof, of a consular staff assigned to duties in Alabama.
  • Determining residency:

    In determining residency, the University of Montevallo will consider the absence and/or presence of significant connections to the State of Alabama, including but not limited to:

    • payment of Alabama state income tax as a resident;
    • submission of a one page letter of appeal outlining why your application has merit to be reclassified to instate status;
    • ownership of real property and payment of ad valorem taxes;
    • continuous presence within the state of not less than 12 consecutive months for other purposes than to attend a school;
    • residence in the state of spouse, children, parents;
    • banking services within Alabama: checking accounts, savings accounts, investments;
    • voter registration within the State of Alabama of at least 1 year previous to application;
    • Alabama driver’s license, vehicle registration, or insurance policies dated at least one year previous to application;
    • possession of state or local licenses to do business or practice a profession; or
    • other ties to the state that are not related to the University of Montevallo.

    Although the above does provide examples, the list is not exhaustive, and decision for reclassification is not necessarily made based on a lack or type of documentation. That is to say, one piece of documentation may not be taken as more important than others.

    For a student who is attending the University of Montevallo and is not a minor, the following will be considered in your application:

    • maintaining of ties to another state, i.e.: licenses, banking, or owning a home;
    • the timeframe of your arrival to the state of Alabama, if your residency began shortly before the school year began;
    • a parent or other person who is not a resident providing financial support for your education at the University of Montevallo; or
    • Receiving loans or being supported by someone who is receiving educational loans from an out-of -state location or person on your behalf.
  • International Students:

    International students by law cannot remain indefinitely within the State of Alabama and therefore do not qualify for reclassification under this policy. Some agreements have been made at the state level with the Alabama Free Trade Agreement.

  • Registration:

    Registration fees and due dates cannot be extended while a review for residency is being considered. If the reclassification is successful, then, if needed, a refund will be issued in the manner in which it was paid.

  • Appeals:

    The University of Montevallo does have an appeal process in writing. If you are denied your application and believe that it should be reconsidered, you can submit your appeal in writing to the Registrar’s Office no later than 30 days past the original decision date. A panel of three (3) University of Montevallo employees will review your application and render their opinion. The decision of the Appeals Committee is final.

  • Application Process:

    Students who wish to make an application for reclassification of residency status must make it to the Registrar’s Office by submitting the Application for Residency Reclassification Form by the first day of class for the term for which residency is being requested. Supporting documentation must be submitted with the form, and no application will be accepted after these dates for that term.

    Students may only make one application in any given school year. Please submit photocopies of supporting documentation with your application.