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Authorization to Release Education Record

Release of Education Record to a Parent/Guardian

By law, a student’s education record may be disclosed to a parent/guardian by the University of Montevallo if:

  • The student is claimed as a dependent on current IRS tax returns; and/or
  • The student completes the Records Release Form which is the student’s written consent to release education records to the parent/guardian.

The Records Release Form is designed to facilitate the ability of the University to disclose student information to the parent/guardian under the circumstances mentioned above.

  • Declaration of Dependency:

    The student’s “declaration of dependency” appears in the top portion of the Records Release Form. The University is not prohibited from disclosing information from your student’s education record if he/she verifies that he/she was claimed as a dependent on your IRS tax form during the current tax year. This information includes but is not limited to grades, schedule, class attendance and transcript.

  • Authorization to Release Education Record to Parent/Guardian:

    The remainder of the form allows your student to authorize the University to release information from their University of Montevallo education records to you, as the parent/legal guardian. The validity of this authorization is four years from the date of the student’s signature.

  • Other Ways to Obtain Information Regarding Your Student:

    If you claim your student as a dependent on your tax return but your student does not complete the Records Release form, you may submit written notification that you are the parent/legal guardian of the named student and that you claimed said student on IRS income tax reports as a dependent to the Registrar’s Office. A copy of the dependent section of the IRS tax return forms that you submitted for the current tax year must be included. For privacy reasons, you may redact or strike through all information regarding income, as student dependency is the important component of this form for FERPA regulations. This notification requires your signature and must be NOTARIZED by a current notary public. The validity of this certification of dependency, like the student’s, is only for that current tax year.

    For more information regarding FERPA, visit the following link: FERPA for Students.

    Or contact the Registrar’s Office: (205) 665-6040