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Assistant Professor of Mathematics Scott Varagona celebrates winning the 2013 Life Raft Debate. Varagona’s victory made Mathematics the first discipline to win three debates throughout the 16-year history of UM’s Life Raft Debate.
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Varagona wins 16th annual Life Raft Debate

| UM in the News

In a battle of the minds, University of Montevallo professors closed out UM’s annual Founders’ Day celebration with a sort-of dueling of disciplines, making arguments in front of hundreds of UM students as to why their disciplines should be brought on a fictional life raft and survive all other disciplines in the event of a catastrophe.

The Life Raft Debate, in its 16th year, is sponsored annually by UM’s Philosophy Club. According to the website, participants are to “imagine that there has been a nuclear war, and the survivors (the audience) are setting sail to rebuild society from the ground up.” Only one seat is left, and the professors must argue for their respective disciplines while audience members listen and cast their votes at the very end.

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